Dubravko Lapaine – (Croatia)

Riccardo Moretti - TribalNeed
Dubravko Lapaine is a Croatian-based didgeridoo musician and composer - one of the most revered didgeridoo performers in the world. In his hands this ancient instrument takes the audience into what feels like an uncharted world of sound and rhythm which is utterly absorbing.
His breath, diaphragm, voice and lips blend into a strange, invisible and powerful earth music orchestra. The music he produces seems to come from a deep unknown spring bringing subtle sounds of wind intertwined with a rhythmic rumbling of the Earth.

Whatever the genre or style, the signature element in Lapaine’s compositions are clear acoustic contrasts and dualities. On one side detonations of breath and demonic intensity, rumbling earth drone, crushing cosmic machines… on the other side tiny echos whispering subtle melodies, angelic harp voices, airy and feathery pulses, singing reverberations of the tube…

Lapaine has been devoted to strict technical training and uncompromising search for the pinpoint precision of sound. This has resulted in wild-fast hyper-detailed and extremly physical, raw and tight didgeridoo instrumental, but at the same time progressivly emphasizing melodic and subtle side of the instrument.

Innumerable breaths of perfect precision and speed are counterbalanced by melodious voice. This creates a sense of vast space and pulsing density in organic harmony. Movements of breath, diaphragm, voice and lips blend in the didgeridoo into a strange invisible and powerful earth music orchestra. The music he produces out of various ‘wooden tubes’ seems to the listener as if coming from a deep unknown spring letting us catch subtle melodies of wind intertwined with rhythmic rumbling of the earth.

It is really with the live stage performance that Du’s devotion to music comes to full expression. During his intense musical performances wrapped up with spoken stories of abstract but poetic worlds, audience is invited to take a step out of the ordinary and float into the vast spaces of inner cosmic freedom full of deep echoes and images.

 And for thouse of you who never had the possibility to do a workshop with Dudo…well this is your opportunity.