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Anche quest’anno ci sara’ la possibilita’ di apprendere come suonare il didgeridoo da alcuni tra i migliori interpreti di questo strumento. Principianti intermedi o avanzati…ce n’e’ per tutti i gusti 🙂 Non perdere questa straordinaria occasione.

  Buone vibrazioni a tutti 🙂

COSTI: tutti i workshops di didgeridoo avranno un costo di 60€ per la durata di 2 ore.

Prezzi Workshops Didgeridoo:

  • 1 Didgeridoo Workshop 60€
  • 2 Didgeridoo Workshops 100€
  • 3 Didgeridoo Workshops 150€

Il workshop di Breath Technique e’ a parte ed ha un costo di 30€

Ia sessione di Yoga e Didgeridoo ha un costo di 20€


Di seguito trovate l’elenco dei Workshops di Didgeridoo che gli artisti terranno durante le giornate del Festival. 

A breve tutti i dettagli



Si Mullumby - Didgeridoo (intermedi/avanzati) - Sabato 9 Luglio

This workshop is in English

Quando: Sabato 9 Luglio
Ore:  10.30 - 12.30
Prezzo: €60


Si is a powerful didgeridoo teacher. He has a unique ability to gift players with an experience
that they will not forget. Si teaches breathing rhythms that are hypnotic, invigorating and
sound epic. His simple, powerful and intelligent method has set hundreds of players free to
further their own unique style backed by the power of the breath. Playing with feeling,
integrity and purpose creates good music that helps the world be a better place. Harnessing
the power of the breath creates more energy in the player and a greater potency in the
fundamental resonance of the didgeridoo.
As a young man Si quit medical school to dedicate his life to playing didgeridoo. He learnt to
play alone in the Outback as he hitchhiked 15000km around Australia. From these humble
origins he has gone on to tour the world many times with his band Wild Marmalade. He has
sold out three events at the prestigious Sydney Opera House. He is currently based in Fremantle Australia

Ondrey Smeykal - Didgeridoo(intermedi/avanzati) - Sabato 9 Luglio

This workshop is in English

Quando: Sabato 9  Luglio
Ore:  13.30 - 15.30
Prezzo: €60

Durata: 2h;  Numero Min partecipanti: 3;  Numero Max partecipanti: 15; 

Ondrej Smeykal is probably known for his constant innovative aproach to
contemporary didgeridoo playing. In this direction he is ofering two
workshops, to share his almost three decades of his personal didgeridoo

Rhythm tools, vocal techniques, basic map for composing, practising “frame”
to get better performer.

StrawBerry Man - Didgeridoo (intermedi/avanzati) - Sabato 9 Luglio

This workshop is in English

Quando: Sabato 9 Luglio
Ore:  15.30 -17.30
Prezzo: 60€

Legendary Strawberry Man is at your service for 2 hours - ask him anything and he will answer.
After a quick show of a few songs and brief history about the Legendary Strawberry Man, we will devide to groups and start working on whatever it is that most interests you about Didgeridoo playing.
Bring your Didge!

Ansgar Stein - Didgeridoo (intermedi/avanzati) - Domenica 10 Luglio
Dalla serie
… l’episodio di oggi:
“Le 2 leggi”
Quando si sforzano di espandere il proprio repertorio, molti giocatori si scontrano ripetutamente con limiti che non sembrano essere superabili. Gran parte di questi ostacoli possono essere ricondotti a due soli principi che sono stati trascurati più volte - spesso inconsapevolmente - a volte all’inizio, a volte in una fase avanzata. Ecco perché questo workshop è adatto sia a quelli che quasi non sono più principianti 🍼 sia a quelli che sono già molto avanzati. 🎓
Esploreremo questi due principi in modo approfondito e troveremo la loro rilevanza per il nostro modo di suonare e fonderemo tecniche di base provenienti sia dal mondo moderno che da quello tradizionale, pur non ignorandone i fondamenti.
Come sempre, faremo piccole deviazioni: 🗺 Per esempio, nella vastità dell’articolazione, come comunicarla (e annotarla); nel regno delle strutture ritmiche veloci e della respirazione; nel mondo degli “armonici” (e perché vengono messi tra virgolette) - e nel mondo della lentezza, che può renderci consapevoli di tanti suoni. Ci si può anche addentrare in aree densamente boscose come il contrasto e la dinamica, il cambio ritmico, la struttura della song … e lungo il percorso si può tentare di penetrare ancora una volta nella selva dei “wobbles“! ➿➿
In definitiva, tutto questo serve a un unico obiettivo: rendere il didgeridoo udibile come strumento “principale” chiaramente percepibile in un contesto musicale.
Con gli ultimi approfondimenti tratti da alcuni corsi online degli ultimi anni 
… e - come sempre – comprensibile e con molto umorismo!😄
… e anche se leggete questo articolo in italiano, la lingua del workshop sarà, purtroppo, in inglese.🤷🏻‍♂️

 From the series


… today’s episode:

The 2 Laws

When striving to expand their own repertoire, many players repeatedly come up against limits that just don’t seem to be surmountable. A large part of these obstacles can usually be reduced to just 2 principles that have been neglected again and again - often unconsciously - sometimes at the very beginning, sometimes at an advanced stage. That’s why this workshop is just as suitable for almost-no-more-beginners as for quite-quite-advanced

We will explore these two principles in depth and find their relevance for our playing and fuse basic techniques from both modern and traditional worlds while not ignoring their foundations.

As always, we will make small detours: For example, into the vastness of articulation, how to communicate (and notate) it; into the realm of fast rhythmic structures and breathing; into the world of “harmonics” (and why they are put in quotes) - and into the world of slowness, which can make us aware of so many sounds. One might also lead us into densely wooded areas such as contrast and dynamicsrhythmic shiftsong structure … and along the way we might try to penetrate the thicket of “wobbles” one more time! 

Ultimately, all of this serves one goal: to make the didgeridoo audible as a clearly perceptible “lead” instrument in a musical context.

With the latest insights from quite a few online courses of the last years 

… and - as always – comprehensible and with a lot of humor!

This workshop is in English

Quando: Domenica 10  Luglio
Ore:  10
Prezzo: 60€


Qui di segioto potete invece trovare sessioni non inerenti ad imparare il didgeridoo ma aa sperimentare il didgeridoo come strumento di rilassamento. Non si suona il didgeridoo.

Si Mullumby Didgeridoo Pranayama - Breath Technique Workshop - Venerdi 8 Luglio


Didgeridoo Pranayama is a breath technique that Si Mullumby has developed to engage the therapeutic and spiritual properties of playing didgeridoo. Si has now separated the method as a distinct and stand-alone pranayama breathing practice that can be taught to anyone. This is not a ‘learn to play’ didgeridoo workshop.

The essence of the method is a short sharp inhale and a longer relaxed exhale integrated into a rhythmic cycle. Participants breath together in the group, all in the same pattern at the same time, lead by master player Si playing didgeridoo, setting the tempo and intensity of the practice. The practice engages and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system leading to increased energy, clarity and calmness.

About Si Mullumby
Si Mullumby was inspired to play didgeridoo after a mystical experience on a beach called Aum beach in India in 1992. Si realised that the core elements of the Indian spiritual system, that he had been practicing since his teenage years, were all intrinsic to the playing of Australia’s traditional instrument, the Yidaki, commonly known as the didgeridoo. In his moment of epiphany he realised a complete system for playing didgeridoo that combined meditation on the Aum, pranayama, Indian musicality, and the ability to express any feeling or emotion with the voice through this hollow tree. And it was from his home country Australia.

This system he now calls Didgeridoo Pranayama.
After returning to Australia in early 1993 Si cleared his old life, and started a new one, didgeridoo in hand. He withdrew from studying Medicine at the prestigious University of Western Australia where he was in the third year of his studies, and dedicated his life whole heartedly to playing didgeridoo. Si learnt to play as he hitchhiked 20 000km throughout the Australian wilderness. Much like a southern hemisphere ‘Into the Wild’ he spent long periods of time in the bush alone, practicing his breath method.

Aside from his career spanning more than twenty years, touring globally with the world’s original didgeridoo and drum band Wild Marmalade, Si has followed a parallel path pursuing his interest in chi gung, yoga and Indian spirituality. He works regularly alongside some of the world’s great modern yogis and yoginis. Si has worked with Elena Brower, Cameron Shayne, Simon Borg-Olivia, Shiva Rei and Clive Sheridan to name a few. He is a feature artist in Yoga events around the world.

Si is the founding member of Dream Drone, Australia’s leading sound journey project. He mentors young upcoming Indigenous Australian Artists. Si’s career hi-lights include working for Cirque du Soleil in Montreal and Las Vegas in 2004, performing three times at the Sydney Opera House and featuring on the discovery channel documentary Yidaki.

More info about Si Mullumby:

This workshop is in English

Quando: Venerdi 8  Luglio
Ora:  17-18.30
Prezzo: 30€

May be an image of 7 people and indoor

Yoga & Didgeridoo

Con Giulia Coliola, Advance Teacher Jyotim
Marcello MABA Balconi, Didjeridoo player.

9 luglio
Ore 10

External area- Didjin’Oz Festival

Esperienza di semplici sequenze di Asana yoga per liberare le articolazioni, tonificare i muscoli, allegerire il respiro e la mente.
Accompagnati dal suono ancestrale del didjeridoo che scandisce il tempo a ritmo del cuore.
Un viaggio intenso di connessione tra mente e corpo.

Praticità: durata 1.30h costo 20€
iscrizione ( link sito)
portare tappetino yoga

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