Adele Blanchin & Jeremy Nattagh



Jeremy Nattagh & Adele B
This duet is a roaring alliance of elements: fire, air, water and earth, and also metal and wood.

Didgeridoo, cajon, handpans, jawharp, cymbals, sanzula…all the textures of their music are born from these materials and elements.
Jeremy and Adele both have strong feminine and masculine energies that mix into a balanced and strong creativity.
Be ready to experience a wild and deep sound wave, be ready to dance and to feel beautiful emotions, from the quietest whisper to the strongest rhythms.

Originally a classical flute player, Jeremy Nattagh has explored a wide range of instruments and style in music, spanning from jazz piano to african and gospel drums, from funk electric bass to movie soundtracks
producing. His various melodic and harmonic explorations as a composer and a percussionist brought him naturally to a deep connection with handpans.

Building rich harmonies around very clear melodies, Jeremy has baffled all his audiences with his hand/feet combinations, adding flavored grooves with his pedals.

Adele B has been a natural and worldwide reference of didgeridoo playing for years already. On the biggest world stages with Secret Vibes (Electro Trance), and the duet Adele and Zalem, she has simultaneously developed great ways of playing the jawharp too.

Hearing Adele, you get to understand how powerful music is in her, whatever the instrument she plays.




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